Types of Full and Partial Dentures
By Geer Dental Care
July 09, 2019
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The CDC estimates that 48 percent of Americans aged 20 to 64 still have all of their permanent teeth (not including wisdom teeth), which means that Denturesroughly 52 percent have lost at least one tooth to dental decay, injury, or extraction. If you are currently missing one or more teeth, your dentist in Turlock, CA, may recommend either a full or partial denture. Read on to learn more about these options, and visit Geer Dental Care to undergo treatment.

What are Dentures?
A denture device is an appliance that either connects to your gumline or remaining teeth. Made of plastic resin, acrylic, porcelain, metal, and other materials, dentures are sized and designed by a dental lab technician to look like your natural teeth and gumline. Most dentures are removable and need to be soaked at night, although others can be anchored to the jaw by dental implants. Usually recommended to older patients and those who have experienced significant bone loss due to gum disease, dentures are an affordable tooth replacement solution, especially compared to other, more expensive, restorative options.

Types of Full Dentures
At your cosmetic consultation, your Turlock, CA, dentist will take time to discuss the various types of dentures available. As far as full dentures, these are your main options:

- Conventional full dentures, which are fitted six months or longer after tooth loss to ensure a long-term fit.
- Immediate full dentures, which are placed right after tooth loss or extraction, and then adjusted as time goes on.
- Implant-supported full dentures, which are connected to a few dental implants.

Types of Partial Dentures
Patients who still have more than a few natural, healthy teeth remaining can benefit from partial dentures. Partial denture devices include:

- A “flipper,” which is a single replacement tooth (no gum-like base) that connects to an adjacent tooth.
- A set of replacement teeth connected to a gum-colored plastic base that uses a metal framework to stay in place.
- Partial dentures that use “invisible” precision attachments instead of metal clasps.

Which Denture Device Is Right for Your Case?
The dental team at Geer Dental Care in Turlock, CA, want to help you care for your smile. Part of that is keeping it intact and whole with devices like full or partial dentures. Call (209) 667-2216 today to schedule a visit with Dr. John Chan.