What Can Bonding Do For Your Smile?
By Geer Dental Care
June 28, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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You may have heard about veneers, crowns, and braces, but you may not have heard about a cosmetic treatment called dental bonding. If the aesthetic dental bondingconcerns you have about your teeth are relatively minor, bonding could be the ideal solution. Visit Geer Dental Care in Turlock, CA to see what bonding can do for your smile. 

What’s Going on With Your Smile?
When you look in the mirror each morning, what are the small imperfections that you see? Are you seeing tiny cracks, chips on the edges, small gaps, or discoloration lines? Maybe one of your front teeth has shifted slightly out of position. These issues can be resolved with a cosmetic treatment called dental bonding. It’s a temporary way to shore up the teeth and make them look more attractive.

What Bonding Can Do
The same material that your Turlock, CA dentist uses to fill in holes after a cavity treatment can be used on your front teeth. That material is called composite resin and it is very durable. It’s white in color (matched to your unique shade) and bonds to the teeth in layers. A bonding treatment can help get rid of some tooth stains, fill in cracks, and rebuild chipped teeth. The bonding material can also be layered onto small teeth to help close gaps.

Dental Bonding Benefits
When you consider these benefits of choosing dental bonding, you may want to call and set an appointment:

- Dental bonding is less expensive compared to other cosmetic treatments.
- The appointment will probably take about 30-45 minutes, so you can schedule it during your lunch hour.
- Your smile will look greatly improved for years, and you can opt to have the treatment again or explore other cosmetic solutions.

Smile More After a Bonding Treatment
If you’ve been hesitating to smile because of small imperfections showing on your front teeth, a dental bonding treatment can fix that. Call (209) 667-2216 today to schedule time with Dr. John Chan at Geer Dental Care in Turlock, CA.